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Carl Cleves and Parissa Bouas aka The Hottentots


Carl and Parissa


Listen to "OUT of AUSTRALIA" here

Australia: Rockian Trading

Rest of the World: Stockfisch Records

This is a very nice folk record that has a classic UK style sound, yet is about as international as you can find.

Review by
David Hintz


Australian song writing and world music at it's very best!


Hello dear friends,
Carl and Parissa, formerly known as The Hottentots, have a new website.
A name change has been underway for the last year or so, as The Hottentots, though we love it, has some negative connotation’s, unbeknown to us, that don’t sit with what we stand for.

If you would like to read our latest news, buy downloads or CDs please go to our new web site at www.carlandparissa.com

In the meantime, Carl has just released a new solo CD titled ‘The House is Empty’, out on Vitamin Records. You can find some video clips at: http://www.youtube.com/carlcleves15. For more: www.carlcleves.com

I have a new solo EP, that I'm half way through recording with Michiel Hollanders, at Smoked Sounds. It is sounding good so far!!! I'll be running a crowd funding campaign later in the year, but more on that closer to the time.

Don't forget there is a free download still available of Mabo, to honour the historic achievement of this heroic man and his iconic struggle for land rights. Just go to our, and like our Facebook page, and click on the My Band button at the top of the page. Visit our Facebook site here

cheers Parissa


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