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Parissa’s Experience
Parissa was an early member of ‘The Voices from the Vacant Lot’ and the Sydney ‘Solidarity Choir’. In 1990 she sang for Nelson Mandela as part of ANC combined choir.

In 2000 she conducted the 700 voice Woodford Festival Millenium Fire Event Choir, which was beamed via satellite around the world to 1.6 billion people.
“This one performance was the highlight of my life...700 voices singing my song, with me conducting and Neil Cameron’s fireworks going off behind me, the ABC cameras recording. When I walked around the festival afterwards people would break into the song and I would burst into tears.“

In Melbourne Parissa is hired annually, as a consultant by 3 choirs, including ‘Thursday’s Children’.

“I’ve been influenced by: Zap Mama, Sweet Honey in the Rock, Arramaeida, Akasa, Lambert, Hendricks and Ross, Golden Gate Quartet, Miriam Makeba, Bobby McFerrin...”


Apart from being an excellent performer, songwriter & singer, Parissa has an innate ability for teaching. Her hallmark generosity onstage extends to her students.

Parissa has over 20 years experience as a performer and over 12 years experience as a voice coach, at all levels: tertiary institutions, festivals, choirs, workshops and music camps, both individually and in groups.

She specializes in modern vocal techniques & styles (CCM) and exotic or ethnic styles.

At festivals and music camps across Australia, Parissa’s vocal and rhythm workshops are highly sought after.

Recent camps include: RhythmSong WA; Jamberoo Folk Music Camp NSW; Daylesford Singer’s Festival VIC; Folkworx WA; Singout NSW; Wintersong NSW; Music For Everyone ACT, Rhythmsong WA; Woodford Folk Festival, QLD...

Parissa’s collegues include: Stephen Taberner, Rachel Hore, Kavisha Mazzella, Tanna Kjaer-Dona, Richard Lawton, Leigh Carriage, Fay White, Linsey Pollack, Stiff Gins, Joe Dolce, among others...

In 2009, Parissa will lead the National Folk Festival Choir, singing songs from Latin America.

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When not touring Parissa runs performance master classes with HSC students, the ‘Ruby Tuesdays’ choir and ‘Murwillumbah Choir’ and maintains a busy private studio.

”The Health Department actually hires me to help raise the standard and empower community choir leaders throughout Victoria, because they have realised that singing together can positively impact upon peoples mental health. How enlightened is that!”

Feedback from participants of workshops led by Parissa 2007

“Absolutely fantastic” - Michael Sharmon
“wonderful fulfilling, great special angel of a teacher” - Rina Lois Genis
“Divinely awesome” - Kelly Turner
“Loved everything! exercises and singing ... great fun” - Beth Stewart
“Wonderful, enjoyed it and learned!! thank you” - Gaby Borgardts

Workshop examples

With prior notice most workshops can cater to small, medium and infinite numbers of people.
Workshops can also be devised for special projects. Running times are suggestions and can be altered following discussions. For some workshops basic amplification may be needed.

Vocal Production Handy Hints NEW!!
Do you know the difference between nasality and nasal resonance? Can you make it? This workshop will explore and give ‘voice on’ experience in some nuts and bolts vocal production areas. For people who want a bit more technical help with their singing. Very popular at Daylesford Singers Festival 2007.
Running Time: 1 - 2hrs
Numbers: 10 - unlimited

Captain Corelli’s Songbook - songs from the Ionian Islands NEW!!
The Greek Islands in the Ionian Sea have a secret… hundreds of years of Venetian rule has left a musical legacy with a strong Italian influence not heard in other parts of Greece. Come and join Parissa as she shares her family’s musical heritage.
Running Time: 1 hr
Numbers: 10 - unlimited

Brazilian Song
Learn beautiful Brazilian songs by legendary composers and the clapping rhythms to go with them!!
Running Time: 1 hr
Numbers: 10 - unlimited

Latin Songs & Rhythms NEW!!
Bring along something to shake, scrape or tap and learn some songs and rhythms from Latin America. No musical experience needed, just bring your enthusiasm and be ready to be surprised by how quickly it can all come together.
Running Time: 1 – 2 hrs
Numbers: 10 – unlimited
(above 25 people needs PA)

Choir Warm Ups NEW!!
A nuts and bolts look at what needs warming up in a choral setting. How to do it and have fun!!
Running time: 1 hr

Everyone Can Sing
A feel good vocal workshop where people are encouraged express through the voice. Warm ups done for voice and body co-ordination. Group vocal improvisation experimented with. Lots of games, harmonising and singing of songs. No previous singing experience needed.
Running Time: 1 - 2hrs
Numbers: 10 - unlimited

Microphone Technique and How to Communicate with a Sound Engineer
Do you get a horrible ‘pop’ every time you say ‘P’ into a mic? What’s the difference between ‘feedback’ and ‘foldback’? How far should you stand from the microphone? What’s the difference between studio mics and stage mics? If you feel at all nervous about microphones and all the P.A. gadgetry, this is the workshop for you. Suitable for choir members, solo and back up singers.
Running Time: 1 - 2hrs
Numbers: 10 – unlimited
(Need a small PA for this one.)

Managing Performance Anxiety
For everyone, including instrumentalists, or public speakers. Beginners in particular stand to benefit from learning the tricks that seasoned performers use to improve their performances. The workshop explores the causes of anxiety, offers ideas to channel the anxiety in a constructive manner and provides practical relaxation techniques.
Running Time: 1 - 2hrs
Numbers: 10 - unlimited

Rhythm & Vox
Take a journey and explore polyrhythm with the voice and the whole body. A wonderfully energetic and inspiring class, suitable for all levels. Totally safe, fun, nurturing process that challenges you to new, unimagined rhythmic intergration. A hit at the Daylesford Singer’s & Woodford Folk Festivals. No late comers allowed entry.
Running Time: 1 1/2hrs
Numbers: 10-250
(above 25 people needs PA)
Conditions: indoors preferred,
good sound insulation

Vocally Challenged/Absolute Beginners

For people who have little vocal confidence and “bad” pitch. During the workshop we look at ways to correct pitch, how it “feels” to be in tune, how harmony “feels”, holding your note in a crowd, and sing simple chants and songs; all the while providing a very safe atmosphere and healing group vibe. Works best with a follow up session with the same group.
Running Time: 1 - 2hrs
Numbers: 5-10

For more information:
02 5613 0031
0421 330 766


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Parissa's Choirs | Parissa's Workshops | Carl's Workshops


An excellent guitarist, singer, songwriter and story teller, Carl has performed in almost every continent, recording 2 acclaimed albums in Brazil and four albums with the Hottentots in Australia. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Contemporary Music Composition, and an Honours degree in African Music, studying under the esteemed musicologist John Blacking.

He is currently guest-lecturer in World Music at Southern Cross University and runs courses in Song writing at festivals. Carl's workshops can be tailored to 2 hours, 4 hours, 1 day , weekend intensives and ongoing weekly workshops that are suitable for beginners to intermediate level songwriters.

Lyric writing | Ideas development | Titles Rhyme | Word Play | Song Structures | Meter

Hints to get your creativity flowing


Tarab - Travels with my guitar 2008 (Aus)

All Alone 2007 (Aus)

Turn Back The Tide 2004 (Aus)
(The Hottentots)

Graceful 2001 (Aus)
(The Hottentots)

The Voice of Your Heart 1998 ( Aus)
(Hottentot Party)

A Small World 1994 (Aus)
(Hottentot Party)

Love is a Phantom 1987 (Brazil)

African Lion 1984 (Brazil)






Australian Songwriters Association
Best Lyrics 2007

Music Oz Award
Best Folk 2006

Best Folk 2005

Australian Songwriter's Association Award for:

Best Coffee House 2003

Winner of the NCEIA Award for :

Best Folk/World 2001 with Parissa Bouas
Best World Music '99
Best Album '98 (The Hottentots)
Best Folk Song '97
Best Album '94 (The Hottentots)
Best Acoustic Song '93 with Parissa Bouas
Best World Music Song '92

Jingle of the Year 1984, Brazil